Technology IOT

Limited climate impact

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SGS: 24/7 Multiparameter monitoring stations


Provide the local institutions with real-time opensource data from the latest generation sensors.

How: SGS stations are equipped with environment monitoring sensors and independent energy sources that provide information to help us study and understand the environment in real time. This monitoring will help inform the users in real time and develop strategies for prevention or rapid response in case of natural disasters. This knowledge will help with the local and territorial resilience strategies.

Data processing

SGS stations gather the data from the different sensors and send it to a database in the cloud that will be shared with institutions for their use.

SGS use

We are proposing that the urban furniture in our cities can be more comfortable and more adapted to the user’s needs, with connectivity and security features. All this combined with energy independence, that’s what we consider intelligent urban furniture, IOT for the public benefit.

Our Modules
  • Modular stations and meeting points
  • Smart technology and sensors.
  • Connected and communicating
  • Focused on sustainability
  • Creative and adaptable construction
  • Easy to build and transport
  • Easy to grow
  • Easy to change parts and adapt to new needs