We are Smart green Station

We are developing a series of interactive meeting places, bicycle parking and bus stops, that also serve as resting places and green oases. Each module is equipped with electricity, wifi, usb socket, live streaming data, solar panels, charging stations, benches and plants.The different places can communicate with each other through a user interface that can easily be used by the visitor.

Descripción Técnica:

Bus Stop 1: from the idea to the concept:

A meeting point, bike parking, bus station can be sustainable and ecological. It is a principle for a better urban future. The energy comes from solar cells in the roof that provide the power to the different parts of the station, like: telephone chargers, heated seats, radio, surveillance cameras, lightning, different types of sensors to study weather, transportation information in the city, early warning signals and information for natural disasters, and other existing or coming IOT technologies.

Another smart function of the stations is to provide communication and education. Through live connections between stations it allows to interact, communicate or more creative solutions like games.

The stations are places where we are protected from the elements, where we can sit and recover from a long day’s work, feeling safe and connected while waiting for a bus , charging the batteries of the bike or meeting a friend.

The stations mimic a tree that with its branches provides us protection, seating and comfort, contributing to a future in harmony with nature.